Best and cheapest vps Hosting 2022


Good, yet cheap VPS hosting is very much possible to find. Did you know that? Let me tell you Cheap VPS does not only exist but is also good and reliable. Many websites strive to grow on shared servers and many have to VPS

We offer you vps offers that are not only cheap, but also with high resources, large disk space and cpanel/whm

VPS 200GB 4vCPU 8GB RAM cpanel/whm $16

VPS 400GB 6vCPU 16GB RAM cpanel/whm $21

VPS 200GB 8vCPU 30GB RAM cpanel/whm $29

VPS 200GB 10vCPU 60GB RAM cpanel/whm $46

Frequently asked questions about vps servers

?Where is the data center located

EU Location: Munich

US Location :Louis

?contact your support in case of an inquiry

We are available on 365 days from 10 am to 12 pm istanbul

you can contact our Customer Support via e-mail and Technical Support Center.

?How long does the provisioning take

VPS plans are usually set up within 2 hours, but it may take up to 4 hours.

?come with a DDoS Protection

Yes. All our Servers Packages are provided with a DDoS Protection by default. Our customers don’t have to take any actions in order to benefit from it.

?What is the permission to access my server and can I reinstall

You can access your data with SSH, VNC

You cannot re-install yourself, but you can contact us to re-install

?What payment methods are available

PayPal, bank transfers,bitcoin.

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